Report : Traffic light status report 27/09/2020 12:06:04
Section Name Number of items
Black Black  123
Red Red  335
Amber SCA Amber SCA  47
Amber Simple Amber Simple  99
Green Green  443
Amber Amber  1
Unknown Unknown  124
Leicestershire Health Community

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Black Drugs not recommended for use in the Leicestershire Health Community because of lack of evidence of clinical effectiveness, cost prioritization or concerns over safety. All new drugs will be black until they have been through the appropriate approval process - then they will appear as a specific entry   
 Red Drugs which should be prescribed only by hospital specialists (clinical review by specialist as appropriate and annually as a minimum).  
 Amber SCA Drugs which would initially be prescribed by a hospital specialist and then by a GP where full agreement to share the care of each specific patient has been reached under a LMSG Shared Care Agreement (SCA). Specific patient monitoring or intervention required.   
 Amber Simple Drugs suitable to be initiated and prescribed in primary care only after specialist assessment and recommendation. A shared care agreement is not required.   
 Green Drugs for which GPs would normally take full responsibility for prescribing and monitoring. Drugs included in this list have been specifically considered by LMSG.   
 Grey Drugs not yet reviewed  
 Green Conditional Drugs for which GPs are able to take full responsibility for prescribing and monitoring subject to specified conditions e.g. prescribing in line with agreed LMSG guidance or able to demonstrate suitable competence. See comments under individual entries