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 Formulary Chapter 9: Nutrition and blood - Full Section

09.01 Anaemias and some other blood disorders
09.01.01 Iron-deficiency anaemias Oral iron Parenteral iron
09.01.02 Drugs used in megaloblastic anaemias
09.01.03 Drugs used in hypoplastic, haemolytic, and renal anaemias
Iron overload
09.01.04 Drugs used in autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura
09.01.05 G6PD deficiency
09.01.06 Drugs used in neutropenia
09.01.07 Drugs used to mobilise stem cells
09.02 Fluids and electrolytes
09.02.01 Oral preparations for fluid and electrolyte imbalance Oral potassium
Potassium removal Oral sodium and water
09.02.02 Parenteral preparations for fluid and electrolyte imbalance Electrolytes and water
Intravenous potassium Plasma and plasma substitutes
09.04 Oral nutrition Calcium supplements Hypercalcaemia and hypercalciuria Magnesium Phosphate supplements Phosphate-binding agents
09.05.03 Fluoride
09.05.04 Zinc
09.06 Vitamins
09.06.01 Vitamin A
09.06.02 Vitamin B group
09.06.03 Vitamin C
09.06.04 Vitamin D
09.06.06 Vitamin K
09.06.07 Multivitamin preparations
09.08.01 Drugs used in metabolic disorders
Wilsons disease