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 Formulary Chapter 6: Endocrine system - Full Section

06.01 Drugs used in diabetes
06.01.01 Insulins Short-acting insulins
Ultra-Rapid acting insulin analogues Intermediate- and long-acting insulins
Biphasic insulins Hypodermic equipment
06.01.02 Antidiabetic drugs Sulfonylureas Biguanides Other antidiabetic drugs
DPP4 inhibitors (gliptins)
GLP1 agonists
SGL2 inhibitors
06.01.03 Diabetic ketoacidosis
06.01.04 Treatment of hypoglycaemia
06.01.06 Diagnostic and monitoring agents for diabetes mellitus
Blood glucose monitoring
06.02 Thyroid and Antithyroid drugs
06.02.01 Thyroid hormones
06.02.02 Antithyroid drugs
06.03 Corticosteroids
06.03.01 Replacement therapy
06.03.02 Glucocorticoid therapy
06.04 Sex hormones
06.04.01 Female sex hormones and their modulators Oestrogens and HRT
Raloxifene Progestogens and progesterone receptor modulators
06.04.02 Male sex hormones and antagonists
Dutasteride and finasteride
06.05 Hypothalamic and pituitary hormones and anti-oestrogens
06.05.01 Hypothalamic and anterior pituitary hormones and anti-oestrogens
06.05.02 Posterior pituitary hormones and antagonists
Posterior pituitary hormones
Antidiuretic hormone antagonists
06.06 Drugs affecting bone metabolism
06.06.02 Bisphosphonates and other drugs affecting bone metabolism
06.07 Other endocrine drugs
06.07.01 Bromocriptine and other dopaminergic drugs
06.07.02 Drugs affecting gonadotrophins
06.07.04 Somatomedins