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 Formulary Chapter 4: Central nervous system - Full Section
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04.01 Hypnotics and anxiolytics
04.01.01 Hypnotics
04.01.02 Anxiolytics
04.02 Drugs used in psychoses and related disorders
04.02.02 Antipsychotic depot injections
04.02.03 Drugs used for mania and hypomania
04.03 Antidepressant drugs
04.04 CNS stimulants and other drugs used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
04.05 Drugs used in the treatment of obesity
04.06 Drugs used in nausea and vertigo
04.07 Analgesics
04.07.01 Non-opioid analgesics and compound analgesic preparations
Compound analgesic preparations
04.07.02 Opioid analgesics
04.07.03 Neuropathic pain
04.07.04 Antimigraine drugs Treatment of the acute migraine attack Prophylaxis of migraine
04.08 Antiepileptics
04.08.01 Control of epilepsy
04.08.02 Drugs used in status epilepticus
04.09 Drugs used in parkinsonism and related disorders
04.09.01 Dopaminergic drugs used in Parkinsons disease
Catachol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors
04.09.02 Antimuscarinic drugs used in parkinsonism
04.09.03 Drugs used in essential tremor, chorea, tics, and related disorders
04.10 Drugs used in substance dependence
Alcohol dependence
Cigarette smoking
Opioid dependence
04.10.01 Alcohol dependence
04.10.02 Nicotine dependence
04.10.03 Opioid dependence
Opioid substitution therapy
Adjunctive therapy and symptomatic treatment
Opioid-receptor antagonists
04.11 Drugs for dementia