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 Formulary Chapter 10: Musculoskeletal and joint diseases - Full Section

10.01 Drugs used in rheumatic diseases and gout
Osteoarthritis and soft-tissue disorders
10.01.01 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
10.01.03 Drugs which suppress the rheumatic disease process
Cytokine modulators
10.01.04 Gout and cytotoxic-induced hyperuricaemia
Acute attacks of gout
Long-term control of gout
Hyperuricaemia associated with cytotoxic drugs
10.01.05 Other drugs for rheumatic diseases
10.02 Drugs used in neuromuscular disorders
10.02.01 Drugs which enhance neuromuscular transmission
Acetylcholine-release enhancers
10.02.02 Skeletal muscle relaxants
10.03.01 Enzymes
10.03.02 Rubefacients, topical NSAIDs, capsaicin, and poultices
Topical NSAIDs and counter-irritants