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Please note that we are in the process of: 
1) Incorporating all currently used TAS drugs into the formulary. Until then you may need to check the
TAS website to check if specialist drugs have been supported
2) Updating flags on the JAC system at UHL. This exercise should be completed later in 2013 and will assist awareness and policing of formulary choices

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Items which may be substituted by UHL Pharmacists

All listed ('formulary') drugs will be readily available from hospital Pharmacy Departments. Use of other drugs is discouraged however it is recognised that it is often desirable to continue to treat patients admitted to hospital with other drugs (see below).

'Non-formulary' items are those drugs or formulations that are covered by the therapeutic groups within the Formulary but not included in the lists of recommended preparations.  There may be a delay in obtaining such drugs, as these will not be routinely held in stock.  Drugs which predate TAS are not currently included in the formulary, lead pharmacists may need to use their discretion in allowing these to be ordered.  New prescriptions for items not on the JAC system require a TAS application.

Black Drugs should not be prescribed.  This includes:
- Drugs listed as black on the Leicestershire Traffic Light List
- New drugs or new indications for existing drugs. Requests for new products should be made via the TAS website (consultants only).* If the request is urgent then chairman’s action can be sought. Funding support from the CBU / Division is also required before a drug can be purchased and prescribed.  

Patients admitted on 'non-formulary' therapy. Where it is considered clinically unreasonable to change to a recommended drug for the duration of the patient's stay, 'non-formulary' items will be supplied. In this situation the patient's own supply will be used, but must be written on the prescription sheet in the usual way. See "process to follow"

New Drugs and the Formulary
Drugs supported by TAS / endorsed by LMSG are incorporated automatically after these meetings.
Drugs given a NICE TA positive appraisal will automatically go to TAS / LMSG for consideration of practicalities of implementation and inclusion in the formulary. 

The contents of the Formulary are reviewed regularly to ensure that the products included are safe and effective. Published literature and advice from local specialist advisors are used to inform the Formulary Working Party. New drugs may be incorporated if they are considered to provide increased efficacy or reduced adverse effects. Cost is taken into account if therapeutic comparisons are similar.  The general principle of retaining as few drugs as possible within a therapeutic group also applies and new drugs should preferably replace an agent already included in the Formulary.

* LPT Prescribing   group will review Mental Health drugs; Cancer drugs are reviewed by the Cancer Network


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