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Medicines Formulary
8 Malignant disease and immunosuppression
Further information on specific drugs available locally and the pathways used is available from the East Midlands Cancer Network.  This includes drugs reviewed as part of NICE technology appraisals

The East Midlands has adopted the Palliative Adult Network Guidelines(PANG) as the single guideline across the region to conform with the requirement for a single guideline within a cancer network.  These are freely available to healthcare professionals.
08-02-03 Anti-lymphocyte monoclonal antibodies

Specialist use only
Supported in line with NICE TA 308 only
High Cost Drug excluded to tariff, commmissioned by NHSE for this indication
Link  NHSE Commissioning Policy: ANCA-positive vasculitis
Link  NHSE Commissioning Policy: Rituximab for second line treatment for anti-NMDAR autoimmune encephalitis
Link  NICE TA 308: Rituximab in combination with glucocorticoids for treating anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis

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