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6 Endocrine system
06-01-06 Blood glucose monitoring

FreeStyle Libre® Flash glucose monitoring

Freestyle Libre® is approved for use in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland from 1st February 2019 where a patient meets the criteria detailed in the LMSG position statement and the NHSE funding arrangements.

Patients will need to have the initiation contract completed in secondary care. The first 6 months of Freestyle Libre will be a trial period that will need to be reviewed in secondary care, and the continuation paperwork completed in secondary care before supply is continued by primary care. Continuation is dependant on on improvements as per the NHSE parameters.

Link  NHSE Flash Glucose Monitoring: National Arrangements for Funding of Relevant Diabetes Patients
Link  Leicestershire Guidance: Freestyle Libre Position Statement
Link  Leicestershire Guidance: Freestyle Libre Prescribing Algorithm
Link  LMSG: Freestyle Libre Paperwork
Link  Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee: Flash Glucose Monitoring System

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