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Shortages: Steroid Eye Drops
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  • First and second line choices in each section are indicated.
  • Restricted choices are those restricted to prescribers e.g. specialist initiation, to condition or specific patient groups.
  • Links to UHL Guidance may not be functional at present if you are accessing outside of the Trust, however we are working on ways to resolve this. 
  • A subscription is required to access the Injectable Medicines Guide, which can be accessed via the Medusa shortcut button on the front page of INsite and only available within the Trust.
  • This Formulary also applies to Alliance Care
  • Items specific to the prison service are noted as such 
  • The Formulary supports all positive NICE Technology appraisals where these drugs are prescribed in the Leicestershire community.  Where there are numerous therapeutics options all recommended by NICE for the same condition, the formulary may express preference for one or more agents.  This applies only after the patient and prescriber have discussed all treatment options and only if they have no preference about which medicine they want to use.
  • For information on antimicrobials see the Antimicrobial Website

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